• How to print Barcode Labels and Stickers
    I often get asked what is the best way or method to print barcode labels or stickers. You might need these labels with barcodes to stick on your products, documents or shelves. It becomes more cost effective to purchase a barcode label printer if you continuously need printed labels. What you will need to print […]
  • Argox Printing Too Light – Adjust Darkness Setting
    Is your Argox printing too light? There are times when you start using a new ribbon or label and the print quality is either too light or dark. Here is a guide to adjust the darkness heat setting for your printer. If you are using Bartender UL that comes with the Argox Label Printers then […]
  • Argox Printer Setting Print Method Media Type
    A short tutorial on the Argox Printer Setting to change the “Media Type” to match the media you are using. Change the driver setting to use either “Direct Thermal” (no ribbon) or “Thermal Transfer (use ribbon) print methods. Set the Print Speed and Darkness control in the driver for maximum print results. How to open […]
  • Argox printer ribbon snapping or breaking
    The ribbon snapping on the Argox barcode printers normally occurs on the industrial type printers like the X1000V, X2000V, X2300, iX4. Here are a few things that could cause the ribbon snapping while printing. Heat or Darkness settings too high Incorrect or bad quality ribbon Ribbon supply spindle adjusted too tight Ribbon pick up spindle […]
  • Cheap Barcode Printer for affordable labels
    If you are looking for a Cheap Barcode Printer that offers good value for money then have a look at the IDPRT Printers. The ID4S and IT4S are good quality printers that cater for the user that does not need all the “Bells and Whistles” found on some models. The two available models There are […]
  • Argox OS214 Plus Flashing LED Error
    The different causes explained that can cause your OS214 Plus to have flashing LED error. Power and Ready LED flash alternately shows ribbon error Ribbon is finished – replace the ribbon Ribbon jam – open the print mechanism and check that the ribbon is free to move The ribbon core is not correctly installed causing […]
  • Ribbon-Out Displayed On Argox Label Printer
    This covers the range of Argox Industrial Label Barcode Printers (X1000V, X2000V, X2300 and iX4 Series)showing the Ribbon-Out message. What to look for to fix the problem. Ribbon out message normally caused by: Ribbon Finished – Replace with new roll of ribbon Ribbon snapped or jammed – Read more on ribbon breaking. Roll of ribbon […]
  • Buying a barcode printer
    Are you buying a barcode printer and really not sure which model will suite your application and budget? Lets look at the different models and their specifications to help you better understand which one will work for you. Points to consider when looking at buying a barcode printer are: How many labels will I be […]
  • Honeywell PX940 High Performance Industrial Printer
    The Honeywell PX940 high-performance industrial printer with integrated label verification technology provides error-free printing. Developed for companies that are subjected to fines levied for non-compliance to regulatory standards and returned shipments due to unreadable barcodes, the PX940 prints barcodes that are 100% readable every time. With pass/ fail and ANSI grades from 0.0 (F) to […]
  • Label Roll Holder For Label Printer
    Label Roll Holder now available, allowing you to use larger rolls of labels for your printer. The Godex Label Roll Stand can take labels 1″ to 3″ inner core diameters and label widths from 25 to 114 mm wide. The unit can hold a roll of label with a maximum outer diameter of 10 inches […]
  • Thermal Printer missing lines
    If your Thermal Printer prints labels with missing lines then its time to clean your Thermal Print Head or replace it. Missing lines causes Build up of dirt on the Thermal Print Head Piece of label stuck on the Print Head Inserting the Ribbon incorrectly causing ink to burn onto print head Worn or damaged […]
  • Argox X1000+ and X1000VL End of Life
    The ever Popular Argox X Series label printers like the X1000+ and X1000V came to End Of Life some time ago. For a short while there was no successor until the release of the Argox iX4-240 Label Printer. Argox iX4-240 Label Printer With new mechanical design, iX4-240 supports a large 8.26 inch outer diameter label […]
  • Label Printer skipping Labels Argox
    When your Barcode Label Printer starts Skipping Labels while printing, its due to incorrect media calibration or a faulty media sensor. Find your model of Argox printer below and follow the instructions on how to calibrate. If you have done the media calibration on your printer and the problem persists then it is likely caused […]
  • Industrial Barcode Printers
    What are Industrial Barcode Printers? These printers are designed to print high volumes of labels and constructed to work in most types of harsh environments like warehouses and manufacturing plants. They are also able to accommodate larger rolls of media and ribbon than their desktop counterparts. Industrial Barcode Printers mostly have metal covers to protect […]
  • Barcode Label Printers Buying Guide
    Since Barcode Label Printers differ from normal laser or ink jet printers it can be a challenge to find one which will fit your business best. Apart from label printers being available from different manufacturers, each manufacturer has several models available. We will explain the differences between the models from the Argox range of printers […]