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Barcode Label Printers Buying Guide

Since Barcode Label Printers differ from normal laser or ink jet printers it can be a challenge to find one which will fit your business best. Apart from label printers being available from different manufacturers, each manufacturer has several models available.

We will explain the differences between the models from the Argox range of printers below.

Basic Entry Level Label Printer – Argox OS214Plus

Argox OS214Plus Label Printer

The OS214Plus is an Entry Level Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label Printer. The model is ideal for low to medium volume printing.

The printer has USB, Serial and Parallel interface ports but lacks the Ethernet or LAN port available in the other models.

The OS214Plus can print labels from 25mm to 104mm wide and a maximum length of 2540mm. The print speed is 4ips maximum.

The OS214Plus has proven itself reliable over the years with very few failures apart from the normal wear and tear. The Thermal Print Head should be looked after and cleaned regularly.

The OS214Plus is a well built printer at a good price and recommended as low to medium volume entry level barcode label printers.

Direct Thermal 2 Inch Label Printer Argox D2-250

barcode label printers O2-250

The D2-250 is one of the newly released models from Argox. It only allows the Direct Thermal method of printing labels. This label printer is ideal for low to medium volume printing.

This model is compact and can print labels to a maximum width of 54mm. Maximum length of the label it can print is 2540mm.

The D2-250 comes standard with USB/USBHOST/SERIAL/ETHERNET Interface Ports. The Thermal Print Head should be looked after and cleaned regularly.

So if you need Direct Thermal Label Printers that need not print labels wider than 54mm then this model is ideal. The D2-250 produces clear crisp printed labels at 203dpi.

General Purpose Label Printer Argox O4-250

barcode label printers O4-250

The O4-250 is another new release by Argox. It can be used with Ribbon for Thermal Transfer printing or Direct Thermal printing onto Thermal labels using no ribbon.

This printer can handle medium to high volume printing at 7ips. The print width is from 25mm to 108mm and the maximum print length is 2540mm.

The Clam Shell design allows easy loading of the label media and the ribbon. Even at 7ips print speed, the printed label is clear and crisp.

The printer comes standard with USB/USBHOST/SERIAL/ETHERNET interface ports making it very versatile for most applications. Bluetooth and WiFi modules are also available for the O4-250 further expanding the interfaces.

The Thermal Print Head should be looked after and cleaned regularly to ensure months of trouble free printing.

The O4-250 is well designed and built and operates quietly and efficiently. We recommend this model as a general purpose Barcode Label Printer.

High Volume Industrial Strength Label Printer Argox iX4-250

barcode label printers

The iX4-250 is also a newly released printer from Argox. It is the workhorse of the range ideal for high volume printing. Its robust construction makes it ideal for harsh industrial environments.

The iX4-250 can be used as a Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal label printer.

The printer prints comfortably at 8ips on labels ranging from 25mm to 108mm in width. Maximum label length is 2540mm.

The standard interfaces are USB/USBHOST/SERIAL/ETHERNET. WiFi and Parallel GPIO modules are available for the iX4.

The Thermal Print Head should be looked after and cleaned regularly to ensure months of trouble free printing.

If you are looking at printing high volumes of label or require a sturdy robust printer then the Argox iX4-250 is your answer.

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