Barcode Printers Sales in South Africa

Desktop Barcode Printers

Desktop label printers are low cost compared to the robust industrial printers. These printers are available in either DT or TT models, the thermal transfer printers are also able to be used as direct thermal printers. Desktop printers have been designed specifically to offer affordable label printing up to a few thousand labels per day. These printers offer a broad range of connectivity like USB, Serial, Parallel or Ethernet. In addition, some of the models can be expanded with WiFi and Bluetooth options. 
Industrial Barcode Printers

Industrial Printers

Industrial label printers are high performance printers that stand up to high volume and demanding applications. These printers, as a result have metal covers protecting the units from harsh environments. Industrial printers are available in 4″ together with 6″ models. High print quality at 203dpi or 300dpi to suite all high demand application.